Rebecca Jackson, Ph.D.

Past President
Correct Care Recovery Solutions Florida Civil Commitment Center
13619 Southeast Highway 70 Arcadia, FL 34266 869-491-4851

Rebecca Jackson, Ph.D. is the former President of the SOCCPN Leadership Board. She served as the SOCCPN President from 2018 – 2020.  She is the Director of SVP Clinical programs for Correct Care Recovery Solutions. Previously, she was the Clinical Director for the Florida Civil Commitment Center and a Chief Psychologist with the South Carolina Sex Offender Civil Commitment Program. She also served as an Associate Professor and the Director of the Forensic & Correctional Mental Health Counseling program at Palo Alto University. Her primary professional interests are in the areas of psychopathy, risk assessment, and sex offending. In addition to her published work, she has presented and delivered training regionally and nationally on these topics. In 2008, she received the Theodore Blau Award for Early Career Contributions to Clinical Psychology.