Megan Reese, Psy.D.

Executive Board Member
Chief of Clinical Services
Special Commitment Center
Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
1715 Lafayette Street
Steilacoom, WA 98388

Dr. Reese began as the Chief of Clinical Services at the Special Commitment Center in April of 2022 where she serves as a member of the Gender Affirming Steering Committee. During this time she has completed an additional 40 hours of training related to affirmative trans care and 10 weeks of group consultation from a WPATH certified trainer. She is a licensed psychologist and certified sex offender treatment provider in the state of Washington and serves as a board member for WATSA and SOCCPN.

Dr. Reese has advanced training in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, forensic assessment, working with LGBTQI clients, and supervision. Her previous areas of research include the experience of transgender individuals during incarceration and addressing clinician burnout in sex offense treatment providers. Previously, Dr. Reese dedicated herself to working with treatment providers and community law enforcement agencies to increase knowledge in reducing burnout and crisis intervention when working with difficult populations.