Lauren Herbert, Psy.D.

Executive Board Member
Forensic Evaluation Department Director
3200 Labore Road, Suite 104
Vadnais Heights, Minnesota 55110

Lauren Herbert, Psy.D., L.P., is the Forensic Evaluation Department Director for the Department of Human Services, Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP). In this capacity, Dr. Herbert provides leadership and oversees specialized testing and sexual violence risk assessment services. She also works as an evaluator and provides expert witness testimony in a variety of capacities. Additionally, Dr. Herbert currently serves as the Chief Doctoral Internship Training Director and oversees such programming. Her training is in clinical and forensic psychology and her clinical work experience involves providing treatment; completing assessments; as well as forensic psychological consultation to both sworn and civilian police department employees, with specialized consultation to the sex crimes detail. Her assessment experiences include risk assessment and evaluation, neuropsychological assessment, and assessment with those who were referred for evaluation of competency and mental status at the time of offense. Dr. Herbert has published papers, completed research projects, and provided professional presentations in the area of neuropsychology, general criminality, threat management, serial murders, death penalty, sexual offending behavior, sexual violence risk assessment, paraphilia diagnosis, and self-care and staff development.