Holly Coryell, Ph.D.

Vice President
Chief of Forensic Services
Special Commitment Center
P.O. Box 88600
Steilacoom, WA 98338

Dr. Holly R. Coryell has worked in the field of sex offender treatment and evaluation for over 15 years. She is currently the Chief of Forensic Services at the Special Commitment Center (SCC) in Washington. She was formally the Chief of Resident Treatment at the SCC (from 2010 to 2016) and previously held positions in the program as lead psychologist and senior forensic evaluator. Dr. Coryell received her doctorate degree from Gallaudet University and consults to programs on issues related to the assessment and treatment of deaf individuals. Dr. Coryell has been a member of SOCCPN for seven years and has held active membership in the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) for over ten years. She is the currently the WATSA Board president elect.