Deirdre D’Orazio, Ph.D.

Executive Board Member
CA Department of State Hospitals

Deirdre D’Orazio, Ph.D. works as a consultant to the CA Department of State Hospitals, where she has worked in various capacities for about fifteen years including as the Director of Evaluation and Development Services, where she oversaw the treatment program and forensic evaluations department for the Sexually Violent Predator program at Coalinga State Hospital. She has worked as a Sexually Violent Predator evaluator, completing over 600 forensic reports of high- risk sexual offenders including provision of expert testimony. Her current work with CA DSH involves consultation on sexual offender issues; she oversees a panel of evaluators and is involved in managing community conditional release programs. Dr. D’Orazio is also a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice as the CEO of Central Coast Clinical and Forensic Psychology Services where she maintains a psychotherapy practice specializing in interpersonal trauma and sexuality. Her company provides program evaluation, training and development services and has been involved large and small scale national and international projects.

Dr. D’Orazio is an active member of the California Coalition On Sexual Offending (CCOSO) serving as Chairperson of the Civil Commitment Committee; lead author of the CCOSO paper on the California SVP system and an author on the Adult Treatment Standards paper and soon to be published Treatment Completion paper. She is an active member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, the Sexual Offender Civil Commitment Network, and the Central Coast Psychological Association. Dr. D’Orazio has particular interest and published papers, professional presentations and research projects in the areas of sexual offender risk assessment, paraphilia diagnosis, offender treatment, program evaluation, staff and program development, psychopathy, and clinical supervision.