Brenda Todd-Bense, MSW

Brenda Todd-Bense, MSW, is the Clinical Director of the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP) St. Peter, a role she has held since 2018. During her career at MSOP over the last 13 years, Brenda has served in a variety of roles including as a Clinical Supervisor and Associate Clinical Director. Brenda’s areas of specialty include meeting the needs of individuals with compromised executive functioning and borderline personality disorders. Brenda has worked with individuals who engaged in sexually abusive behaviors for over 30 years. Brenda has presented at two SOCCPN conferences, facilitated multiple round table discussions and has also facilitated meetings for members to connect about meeting the needs of the gender diverse population.

Kara Gougler

Kara Gougler is the Director of Case Management Services for the Texas Civil Commitment Office and is responsible for the management of all case management staff. Ms. Gougler began her career with the Texas Civil Commitment Office in 2012 as a community Case Manager where she supervised over 25 sexually violent predators living in the community. From 2015-2018, Ms. Gougler was the agency’s Case Analyst where she was responsible for tracking the movement of all clients throughout the civil commitment process. She has been in her current role of Director of Case Management Services since April 2018. In this capacity, she has direct oversight of 16 case managers and administrative staff, as well as working with vendors and treatment providers. She is instrumental in policy and procedure development and program development to ensure effective and efficient functioning of the TCCO and the facility. Ms. Gougler conducts trainings with staff and vendors and works with all to improve the services provided to the clients. She assists the treatment team in determining the best course of treatment and action with regards to the clients and maintains frequent contact with clients in the community.

Amy Gasser

Amy Gasser is a licensed clinical social worker in the State of Wisconsin. She is currently the Clinical Coordinator for the Bureau of Community Forensic Services for the State of Wisconsin. In this position, she provides clinical consultation for the Supervised Release program, which oversees community integration for patients from Wisconsin’s Chapter 980 population. In addition, she is a clinical consultant for the Conditional Release program, which manages programs for individuals involved with the criminal justice system with behavioral health concerns. Amy was recently employed at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center in Wisconsin, where she provided direct treatment for patients who were identified as having high psychopathy. She was also involved in creating and implementing treatment procedures and curriculum that aligned with the Risk Needs Responsivity (RNR) model.

Lee Ann McVay, Psy.D.

Lee Ann McVay received her Psy.D. from the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. She is the Assistant Director of Treatment Services for the Sex Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment Program at Fulton State Hospital in Missouri. Dr. McVay has worked as a treatment provider and evaluator, with both civilly and non-civilly committed sexual offenders. Her research and experience have led Dr. McVay to delivering presentations on sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities and how to utilize Dialectical Behavioral Therapy with sexual offenders. Dr. McVay is a member of the Association for the Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse.

Megan Reese, Psy.D.

Dr. Reese began as the Chief of Clinical Services at the Special Commitment Center in April of 2022 where she serves as a member of the Gender Affirming Steering Committee. During this time she has completed an additional 40 hours of training related to affirmative trans care and 10 weeks of group consultation from a WPATH certified trainer. She is a licensed psychologist and certified sex offender treatment provider in the state of Washington and serves as a board member for WATSA and SOCCPN.

Dr. Reese has advanced training in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, forensic assessment, working with LGBTQI clients, and supervision. Her previous areas of research include the experience of transgender individuals during incarceration and addressing clinician burnout in sex offense treatment providers. Previously, Dr. Reese dedicated herself to working with treatment providers and community law enforcement agencies to increase knowledge in reducing burnout and crisis intervention when working with difficult populations.

Jessica Marsh

Jessica Marsh was elected to a SOCCPN General Board seat in 2019. Jessica currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Texas Civil Commitment Office, formerly known as the Office of Violent Sex Offender Management. Jessica has been with the agency since 2014 and previously served as the agency’s General Counsel and Director of Program Operations. Jessica oversees all programmatic activities of the agency including policy development and implementation; contract management; planning for and development and implementation of sex offender treatment curriculum; and training for staff, vendors, and outside entities. Finally, Jessica assisted in the drafting of historic Senate Bill 746 which completely revamped the Texas sex offender civil commitment program in 2015 as well as the implementation of the state’s first tiered treatment program.

Jessica has served as the agency’s representative on Governor’s Commission for Women State Agency Council and the Statewide Behavioral Health Coordinating Council. Prior to working with the Texas Civil Commitment Office, Jessica worked as an Assistant General Counsel for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and an Assistant Attorney General with the Office of the Attorney General.   Jessica is a graduate of Syracuse University and the University of Texas School of Law.  Outside of work, Jessica volunteers with a local animal rescue group as a medical technician and foster parent for dogs with major medical needs.



Scott Halvorson, BA

Scott Halvorson, BA is the Reintegration Director at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP).  As the Reintegration Director, Mr. Halvorson oversees the supervision of clients who reside in the community on provisional discharge.

Lauren Herbert, Psy.D.

Lauren Herbert, Psy.D., L.P., is the Forensic Evaluation Department Director for the Department of Human Services, Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP). In this capacity, Dr. Herbert provides leadership and oversees specialized testing and sexual violence risk assessment services. She also works as an evaluator and provides expert witness testimony in a variety of capacities. Additionally, Dr. Herbert currently serves as the Chief Doctoral Internship Training Director and oversees such programming. Her training is in clinical and forensic psychology and her clinical work experience involves providing treatment; completing assessments; as well as forensic psychological consultation to both sworn and civilian police department employees, with specialized consultation to the sex crimes detail. Her assessment experiences include risk assessment and evaluation, neuropsychological assessment, and assessment with those who were referred for evaluation of competency and mental status at the time of offense. Dr. Herbert has published papers, completed research projects, and provided professional presentations in the area of neuropsychology, general criminality, threat management, serial murders, death penalty, sexual offending behavior, sexual violence risk assessment, paraphilia diagnosis, and self-care and staff development.

Holly Coryell, Ph.D.

Dr. Holly R. Coryell has worked in the field of sex offender treatment and evaluation for over 15 years. She is currently the Chief of Forensic Services at the Special Commitment Center (SCC) in Washington. She was formally the Chief of Resident Treatment at the SCC (from 2010 to 2016) and previously held positions in the program as lead psychologist and senior forensic evaluator.   Dr. Coryell received her doctorate degree from Gallaudet University and consults to programs on issues related to the assessment and treatment of deaf individuals. Dr. Coryell has been a member of SOCCPN for 10 years and is the current Vice President of the SOCCPN Board of Directors. She has also held active membership in the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) for 15 years and is serving her second term as the President of the Washington State Chapter of ATSA. Dr. Coryell’s professional interests include cultural change initiatives, allyship and bystander intervention as a strategy for prevention of various types of violence within institutions.

Rebecca Jackson, Ph.D.

Rebecca Jackson, Ph.D. is the former President of the SOCCPN Leadership Board. She served as the SOCCPN President from 2018 – 2020.  She is the Director of SVP Clinical programs for Correct Care Recovery Solutions. Previously, she was the Clinical Director for the Florida Civil Commitment Center and a Chief Psychologist with the South Carolina Sex Offender Civil Commitment Program. She also served as an Associate Professor and the Director of the Forensic & Correctional Mental Health Counseling program at Palo Alto University. Her primary professional interests are in the areas of psychopathy, risk assessment, and sex offending. In addition to her published work, she has presented and delivered training regionally and nationally on these topics. In 2008, she received the Theodore Blau Award for Early Career Contributions to Clinical Psychology.